Peace Education for Youth: A Toolkit for Advocacy and Planning

In 2022, the Global Campaign for Peace Education identified a concerning gap between youth’s desire for peace education and its implementation in their schools and communities.  To mitigate this, the Global Campaign Youth Research Team developed Peace Education for Youth: A Toolkit for Advocacy and Planning’ to support students across the world in advocating for the integration of peace education opportunities in their schools, universities, and communities.  

This “living” toolkit was designed to provide information on what peace education is, how it might be practically implemented, and how to advocate for it in various contexts. 

Youth are looking to acquire the knowledge and skills that peace education provides to resolve conflicts, reduce violence, and foster peace in their communities and in the world — this toolkit is intended to support such youth changemakers.

It is important to recognize that youth advocacy for peace education in spaces of formal and non-formal learning is in need of practical support, and this toolkit will serve as a helpful resource in spearheading change across the globe. 

This toolkit has been developed as a “living” document with the goal of growing and accumulating knowledge helpful to youth who need it most.  Future additions are already planned, so check back often for updates.

Because peace education is needed now more than ever to combat systemic injustice and violence around the world, we invite you to consider how you might get involved in peace education efforts or how you might use peace education tools and frameworks to pursue the issues that you care most about. 

Please share with us stories of your advocacy efforts and how you are using the toolkit.  We also invite feedback and suggestions on our living document.  Please contact us here

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