Roundtable on peace education through art from the forum on “Art & Human Dignity: Human Rights and Healing Arts for a Culture of Peace”

Under the patronage of UNESCO, in partnership with the Jameel Arts & Health Lab in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), and the Global Peace Education Network (GPEN), Dr. Guila Clara Kessous organized a special forum on “Art & Human Dignity: Human Rights and Healing Arts for a Culture of Peace.”  The online event was held on World Art Day, 15 April, with the aim of examining the positive impact of the arts in promoting global peace, human rights, health, and well-being.

“The impact of art is underestimated today. We have a limited view of the artist as someone who produces beauty devoid of social conscience. In response, many artists decide to combine activism and art to become ‘artivists’ – offering their talents to alleviate suffering, promote peace and prevent war.”
– Dr. Kessous, UNESCO Artist for Peace, and Ambassador for Peace of the Universal Circle of Ambassadors of Peace (Geneva)

The forum, aligned with UNESCO’s mandate to promote the arts as a bridge across cultures, ideologies, languages and geographies, reflects the crucial use of arts as an enabler for healing and social cohesion, contributing to consolidating a culture of peace.

The forum included a special roundtable on peace education through art featuring:

  • Dr. Tony Jenkins
    Professor of Justice & Peace Studies, Georgetown University, USA; Manager, International Institute for Peace Education; Coordinator, Global Campaign for Peace Education
  • David Cottrrell
    Artist in residence, Department of Defense, UK
  • Tarrie Burnett
    Executive Director for Tomorrow’s Women, Israel

Roundtable: Peace Education Through Art

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