What is peace education? A new animation from Peacemakers (UK)

Peacemakers has developed a range of programmes and resources to support UK primary schools to embed peace education in formal and informal learning. They recently developed an animation to get across these ideas to busy school leaders and teachers and show the relevance for every primary school. Using Galtung’s theory around peacekeeping, peacemaking and peacebuilding, the animation shows how these apply to life in school. Check out the video and get the starter pack to help schools embark on their own journey towards peace.

Watch the video:

Peacemakers believes primary school years are an opportune time to equip children with the basics of the skills and attitudes that underlie peace– benefitting the children in their current relationships and contributing to a peaceful culture in the school – as well as laying the groundwork for how they respond to situations on a broader community level in the future. Lets make learning for peace the norm for all children.

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