What does inequality mean to you?

#InequalityIs A conversation about inequality in all its forms. Tell us what inequality means to you, using #InequalityIs.

The Ford Foundation recently launched #InequalityIs, a series of thought-provoking videos featuring leaders in a wide range of fields talking about what inequality looks like from where they’re standing, what they’re doing about it, and where they see other opportunities for change. Short, shareable, and beautifully produced, the series is meant to spark a larger conversation—one that needs your voice.

#InequalityIs features leaders in business, entertainment, and social justice including Elton John, Gloria Steinem, Martin Whittaker, Jose Antonio Vargas, and Gowri Ishwaran, and we’ll add more voices throughout the year. I hope you’ll watch and weigh in, offering affirmation when you see fit and disagreement when you don’t. 

So tell us: What does inequality mean to you?

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