Webinar video of Women Enacting Human Security in the Midst of War: A CSW Parallel Event in Honor of Dr. Betty Reardon

About the Event

On March 18, 2024, Sansristi, the International Institute on Peace Education (IIPE), the Global Campaign for Peace Education (GCPE), and the Global Network of Women Peacebuilders (GNWP) co-organized a special CSW (Commission on the Status of Women) Parallel Event in Honor of Dr. Betty A. Reardon.

Webinar Theme

As wars escalate across the world, poverty increases and climate deteriorates. In this environment, militarization and corporate greed destroy the world. This discussion brought women activists and scholars from several countries to voice the invaluable often unpaid work to achieve human security under patriarchal situations. We spotlighted the work of grassroots women who formulated the global Women, Peace and Security agenda to highlight their ongoing peace work to support those on the ground.

Session Objectives

  • 1) Highlight the complex links between militarism, poverty, and climate change, underscoring the urgent need for holistic solutions.
  • 2) Honor the indomitable spirit of Dr. Betty A. Reardon and her pioneering contributions to gender justice and peacebuilding.
  • 3) Elevate the stories and insights of grassroots women activists, showcasing their resilience and unwavering commitment to human security.
  • 4) Illuminate intersections of global threats to peace (militarism, climate change, patriarchy, nuclear proliferation) through a feminist security lens.

Watch video from the event

Session Speakers

Moderator: Janet Gerson, IIPE

Dr. Janet C. Gerson has contributed to CSW since 1997. She is Education Director, International Institute on Peace Education (IIPE), a UN NGO, and Co-Director of the former Peace Education Center, Teachers College, Columbia University, NYC. She is an active Board Member of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies. Her recent book, Reclaimative Post-Conflict Justice: Democratizing Justice in the World Tribunal on Iraq (2021) is co-authored with Dale Snauwaert with a Preface by Betty Reardon.

Tony Jenkins, IIPE
Honoring a Legacy: Betty A. Reardon’s Impact

Tony Jenkins PhD is an Assistant Professor in the Program on Justice and Peace Studies at Georgetown University. He is also the Managing Director of the International Institute on Peace Education (IIPE) and Coordinator of the Global Campaign for Peace Education (GCPE).  Tony has 23+ years of experience directing, designing, and facilitating peacebuilding and international educational programs and projects in the fields of international development, peace studies, and peace education. Tony’s applied research is focused on examining the impacts and effectiveness of peace education methods and pedagogies in nurturing personal, social and political change and transformation.

Kozue Akibayashi, GSGS Doshisha University
Regional Perspectives and Grassroots Activism

Kozue Akibayashi, Ed.D.  Kozue is Professor at Graduate School of Global Studies, Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan where she teaches feminist peace education/research. She obtained a Doctor of Education under the advisement of Dr. Betty Reardon from Teachers College Columbia University in 2002 with her action research on Okinawa Women Act Against Military Violence, a feminist peace movement that analysed the interrelation between militarism, sexism and colonialism. Kozue is active in global feminist peace movements such as WILPF in which she served as International President from 2015-2018, She is international advisor of Women Cross DMZ that calls for peace on the Korean Peninsula.

Mavic Cabrera-Balleza, GNWP
Empowering Women for Peace

Maria Victoria “Mavic” Cabrera Balleza is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Global Network of Women Peacebuilders. She is one of the two civil society initiators of the Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund. She is also one of the founding members of its Global Funding Board. Ms. Cabrera-Balleza is also a Board Member of the Generation Equality Compact on Women, Peace and Security and Humanitarian Action representing GNWP and the Beijing +25 Civil Society Coalition on Women, Peace and Security and Youth, Peace and Security. Ms. Cabrera-Balleza initiated the Philippine National Action Plan on the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security. She also served as international consultant; provided technical support in 1325 national action planning; and established the Young Women Leaders for Peace in various countries. She pioneered the Localization of UNSCR 1325 and 1820 program that is regarded as a best practice example and is now implemented in 18 countries. Ms. Cabrera-Balleza has authored and co-authored publications; and facilitated workshops around the world on UNSCR1325.

Sakena Yacoobi, Sakena Fund
Navigating Challenges in Conflict Zones

Dr. Sakena Yacoobi is the Executive Director of the Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL), which she founded in 1995 in response to the lack of education and health care that the Afghan people were facing after decades of war and strife. Since its founding, AIL has either directly or indirectly impacted the lives of millions of Afghans. Under her leadership, AIL continues as an innovative organization working at the grassroots level helping communities and individuals.

Jasmin Nario-Galace, GNWP and Center for Peace Education
Education as a Path to Peace

Jasmin Nario-Galace, Ph.D. is the Senior Program Director at the Global Network of Women Peacebuilders. She is also an Associate at the Center for Peace Education- Miriam College where she was the Executive Director for many years. She currently serves on the Board of Pax Christi International, the Leadership Team of the International Action Network on Small Arms, the Facilitation Team of Pax Christi-Asia Pacific, and the Development Committee of the Catholic Nonviolence Institute.  She is an active part of the International Campaign Against Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), the recipient of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize. Additionally, she holds the position of President of Pax Christi-Pilipinas. Jasmin played a key role in formulating and adopting the first Philippine National Action Plan on Women, Peace & Security. Jasminhas authored and co-authored publications and facilitated workshops around the world on peace education, conflict resolution, gender and disarmament, and women, peace and security.

Asha Hans, Sansristi
Introducing New Feminist Visions

Asha Hans is a political scientist and peace educator.  Sher is former Professor of Political Science, and Founding Director, School of Women’s Studies, Utkal University, India. A Fulbright Scholar and Kathleen Ptolmey awardee, she was a recent Member Board UN Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund. Her recent books include: “Engendering Climate Change Learnings from South Asia,” “Migration, Workers and Fundamental Freedoms: Pandemic Vulnerabilities,” and with Betty Reardon “The Gender Imperative: Human Securty vs State Security.”

The Honorable Marilou McPhedran, Senator, Canada
Reflection on session discussions and pathways forward

The Honourable Marilou McPhedran, Senator of Manitoba, Canada. The Honourable Marilou McPhedran is a human rights lawyer/educator/activist and Order of Canada Member, appointed an independent senator, on the recommendation of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in November 2016. Recognized for co- leadership in developing constitutional equality rights, she sponsors Bill S-201 to lower the federal voting age to 16, as well as Bill S- 261, the “Can’t Buy Silence Act” to stop misuse of Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) by entities receiving federal funding. A top priority on her Senate agenda is engaging and facilitating contributions by diverse young leaders in Canadian parliamentary affairs and global multilateralism. 

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  1. The importance of women for peacebuilding has been widely examined (e.g. by Valerie Hudson) and recommended (UNSC Resolution 1325), but there is another profound factor for peace, and that is a nonviolent childhood. Austrian peace researcher Franz Jedlicka (“The forgotten Peace Formula”) has found a linkage and recommends stronger engagement for a worldwide ban of child corporal punishment (SDG 16.2.).

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