Peace Education Quotes and Memes: A Peace Education Bibliography

Author(s): Tony Jenkins


Finally, transformative peace pedagogy, as liberating praxis, is not possible without action. Without action, peace education is merely an intellectual and speculative exercise. The true substance of peace education is the subjective reality of the learner and their pursuit of authentic peace and freedom. Thus action, and reflection on that action, is essential to transformation.


In the early 1980s, peace education pioneer Betty Reardon called for the development of comprehensive peace education, a holistic and integrative approach most applicable for the pursuit of a culture of peace, and potentially unifying for a field comprised of many seemingly disconnected approaches. Comprehensive peace education is rooted in critical and transformative pedagogies. It is especially futures oriented, seeking to nurture those inner peace capacities that are essential to external political action necessary for social and political change. This entry proposes comprehensive peace education as the most holistic, transformative, and adaptable approach to educating for peace in different contexts; introduces some of its theoretical and practical bases; and considers the necessary preparations of educators for its pedagogical practice.

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