Peace Education Quotes and Memes: A Peace Education Bibliography

Author(s): Tony Jenkins

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Political agency is generated internally. We take external action upon those things that we hold dear and meaningful. Justice and peace, learned as abstract concepts and goals, will not be acted upon. Peacelearning pedagogy is pursued through inquiry that connects abstract concepts to the learner’s experience of the world.


Political engagement is an active disposition. It is active, requiring ongoing ethical reflection connected to action. It is a disposition grounded by an effort to remain consistent between personal ethics and action. It is the pursuit of integrity. Political efficacy is thus tied to and made more consistent through a reflective praxis. As peace education is itself a politically efficacious act, preparation for transformative pedagogical practice should be similarly rooted in a reflective, teaching praxis. This praxis is manifested in Reardon’s vision of teacher as ‘edu-learner.’ As a student,co-teacher, and mentee of Betty Reardon, the author witnessed this praxis in action and sought to make it his own. It is the hope of the author that these reflections, culled from reading, learning and co-teaching with Betty, may provide insight and practical wisdom for other educators to develop their own reflective teaching praxis.

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