Peace Education Quotes and Memes: A Peace Education Bibliography

Author(s): Monisha Bajaj


“Human rights are a natural framework for peace education, but treating them as static rather than dynamic, and sometimes contradictory, ignores their complexity.”


Bajaj's own words give context to her interlinking of human rights education and peace education in her article that appears as a chapter of the Encyclopedia for Peace Education, which she edited.
"While “peace education ” is a term often used for a variety of programs, studies, and initiatives, the field of peace education is one that includes a diverse array of scholarly perspectives, programmatic considerations, and underlying values. In this chapter, I argue for a reclaimed “critical peace education ” in which attention is paid to issues of structural inequality and empirical study aimed towards local understandings of how participants can cultivate a sense of transformative agency assumes a central role. Attention to research and the renewed pursuit of critical structural analyses (Galtung, 1969) can further the field towards scholar-activism in pursuit of peace education’s emancipatory promise. For the purpose of this chapter, I define the goal of peace education, based on scholarly developments to date, as the transformation of educational content, structure, and pedagogy to address direct and structural forms of violence at all levels (Harris, 2004; Reardon, 1988). This chapter represents my reflections as a student, researcher, and scholar in the fields of human rights and peace education."

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