Peace Education Quotes and Memes: A Peace Education Bibliography

Author(s): Paulo Freire

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“The basis for critical reading in young children is their curiosity. Once again, teaching kids to read and write should be an artistic event. Instead, many teachers transform these experiences into a technical event, into something without emotions, without invention, without creativity - but with repetition. Many teachers work bureaucratically when they should work artistically. Teaching kids how to read words in the world is something which cannot really be put inside of a program. Normally, kids live imaginatively vis-a-vis reality, but they can feel guilty if they read this way within a technical, bureaucratic reading program and eventually can give up their imaginative, critical reading for a behavioristic process.”


Reading the World and Reading the Word: An Interview with Paulo Freire Author(s): Paulo Freire Source: Language Arts, Vol. 62, No. 1, Making Meaning, Learning Language (January 1985), pp. 15-21 Published by: National Council of Teachers of English Stable URL:

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