Peace Education Quotes and Memes: A Peace Education Bibliography

Author(s): Douglas Allen

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“The greatest strength of Gandhi’s peace education: preventative measures for the gradual long-term changes necessary for identifying and transforming the root causes and causal determinants that keep us trapped in escalating cycles of violence.”


An article that approaches Gandhi's work with an eye to a deeper meaning to peace education. In the words of the author, "At first reading, Mohandas Gandhi's writings on nonviolence, peace, and education seem uncomfortably naïve and simplistic. Those familiar with philosophical literature may be stunned by his seemingly oversimplified, uncritical, and inadequate treatments of difficult, complex, metaphysical, ethical, cultural, and other philosophical concerns relevant to Gandhian views on education.

My own view is that Gandhi's simplicity, as evidenced in his seemingly inadequate philosophical positions on peace education, can be misleading. It is true that Gandhi is not a philosopher in any specialized sense, and he has little concern for highly abstract and technical philosophical formulations. Nevertheless, beneath the apparent surface of oversimplified, naïve, and inadequate philosophical affirmations, one often uncovers surprisingly complex, subtle, enigmatic, and contradictory aspects of Gandhi's philosophy. Most important, his reflections on peace education serve as a challenge and as a catalyst for rethinking dominant positions and have more value for significant philosophical refection than most mainstream "academic" philosophy."

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