Education for a Culture of Peace – ‘IMAGINE’

Name of Program / Course / Training: Education for a Culture of Peace – ‘IMAGINE’

Organization / Institution: Association for Historical Dialogue and Research (AHDR)

Type of Program:

Recurring Workshop/Training

‘Imagine’ is an Educational Program on Anti-racism Education/ Education for a Culture of Peace launched in October 2017, after many months of efforts and with the agreement of the leaders of the two communities on the island.

As per 2019, 4595 students, accompanied by 497 teachers were trained in the Imagine Project. Another 254 teachers were trained in Peace Education both mono-communally and bi-communally.

The program aims to increase contact between the two communities in Cyprus and promotes peace, understanding and anti-racism on the island in the context of a holistic understanding of a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence inspired by UN documents, resolution and plans of action. Initially, our trainers visit classes interested in participating in the bi-communal activities and create safe spaces for discussion about stereotypes, discrimination and racism as components of the prevailing culture of violence. An important aspect of this activity is also to prepare students for contact with fellow students from the other community.

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