Cambridge Peace and Education Research Group

Name of Program / Course / Training: Cambridge Peace and Education Research Group

Organization / Institution: University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education

Type of Program:


The Cambridge Peace and Education Research Group (CPERG) provides a hub for research students and faculty at the University of Cambridge to exchange ideas and collaborate on projects that explore the relationships between conflict, peace, and education, both in the UK and internationally.

CPERG draws on the extensive academic and professional network of its members to organize events and projects which explore the multidimensionality, contextuality and complexity of conflict and peace, and the implications that these nuanced understandings have for education research, policy and practice.

CPERG favours a multidisciplinary approach to the study of conflict, peace, and education drawing insights from the fields of sociology, psychology, politics, public policy, history, philosophy and development to further debate and to cross-pollinate ideas. To this end, CPERG strives to strengthen collaboration between students and researchers across disciplines and departments at the University of Cambridge.

Through its activities, CPERG aims to stimulate connections between theory, research and practice.

The research group provides a forum for exchange and research partnerships related to peace education among pedagogues and researchers at the University of Cambridge. The groups hosts monthly gatherings for research exchange, conferences, guest speakers, and training workshops for educators and youth.

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