Teaching for a Positive Future

Name of Program / Course / Training: Teaching for a Positive Future

Organization / Institution: Institute for Humane Education

Type of Program:

Certificate/Cont. Ed/ Prof. Dev.

Teaching for a Positive Future is our six-week online course for classroom teachers and non-traditional educators who want to inspire their students and/or community to become leaders and changemakers in creating a healthy, peaceful, and sustainable world.

From thoughtful and inspiring course exercises, to the dynamic conversations with fellow participants, to mentoring from you course instructor—you’ll find the support and motivation you need to teach valuable critical and creative thinking skills about our global challenges. You learn how to help students and others nurture connection and embrace responsibility so that they can become solutionaries for a better world.

Humane education can be applied to nearly any situation, so whether you’re a classroom teacher, activist, artist, community organizer, or committed citizen, this course is meant to help you.

This course offers you an opportunity to:
• increase your own knowledge of humane education topics and explore issues that may be somewhat new to you.
• acquire ideas and strategies for bringing the humane education lens and tools to your life and work.
• create lessons or other avenues for incorporating humane education into your work and bringing humane education issues to students and/or your community in creative ways that help inspire positive action in your school, community, and beyond.
• connect with other humane educators passionate about bringing the humane/solutionary lens to their classrooms and communities.
• create a new humane education lesson, project, or other way of teaching.

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