Education for Peace

Name of Program / Course / Training: Education for Peace

Organization / Institution: Fora da Caixa Coletivo

Type of Program:

Recurring Workshop/Training


This course aims to train individuals and social educators in building a more altruistic, inclusive and non-violent society. Fostering actions aimed at disseminating Universal Values, Ethics and a Culture of Peace.
Our meetings will be opportunities for reflections and open conversations in groups, in the most different contexts. The meetings will be based on shared readings, videos and documentaries, dialogue circles, dynamics and contemplative practices.
Participants will be encouraged to adopt meditation and contemplation practices in their daily lives.
Through reflective dialogues we will highlight the importance of the facilitator role in processes of systemic education, we will approach philosophers, masters of wisdom, scientific research on neuroscience, anthropology and complex thinking.
We will also present extensive material on the Educational Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi and other pacifists who developed and applied strategies for a culture of peace and non-violence in their community. The course has as a learning proposal a way to incorporate, absorb and apply the wisdom of masters, philosophers, scientists and pacifists who changed the world through their example and moral strength.

Regina Proença - Educator, graduated in Philosophy, Master in Communication and Culture, researcher and meditation practitioner since 2001. Currently in training in the course of Tibetan Medicine. Coordinates the activities of the cultural collective Fora da Caixa.

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