Vieques-Okinawa Women United Solidarity Statement



September 11, 2010

We, women of Vieques and Okinawa, island communities each having suffered over sixty years of long-term military presence and combat training of the U.S. Military, and who have endured parallel centuries of colonialism, are united in solidarity to struggle for the autonomous just development of our respective communities, the restoration of our natural environments, and respect for the human rights and dignity of our peoples.

We, women of Vieques and Okinawa, with the support and solidarity of women from Japan, the United States, and Puerto Rico, call upon the governments of the United States, Japan and Puerto Rico to assume the legal obligations undertaken in the exploitation and abuse of our lands and peoples in the name of their security. It is just and right that they fulfill their ethical responsibilities to provide resources and exercise their commitment to safely remove all military contaminants and munitions, to allocate an equitable share of resources for communal development, the physical and mental health of our peoples, and to fully respect our civil and human rights and dignity. Toward fulfillment of these ends and the assurance of human security of our peoples, we call for removal of all present bases and refrain from the establishment of any future military installations.

Pronounced in Vieques, Puerto Rico

  • Alianza de Mujeres Viequenses
  • Okinawan Women Act Against Military Violence (OWAAM)
  • Cátedra UNESCO de Educación para la Paz de la Universidad de Puerto Rico
  • Community-based Institutes on Peace Education (CIPE/IIPE)
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