The National Peace Council of Ghana conducts peace education in high schools

(Reposted from: Ghana Today.  April 2023)

By Dzifa Hukporti, ISD

The National Peace Council (NPC) has commenced conducting peace education campaigns in Senior High Schools (SHs) to consolidate its peacebuilding efforts.

This is in response to the recent destruction of school property, physical and verbal attacks on teachers, colleagues, opinion leaders, and other people as a means of expressing their displeasure.

In delivering a statement at St. Thomas Aquinas SHS last Friday, the Director of Capacity Development and Outreach of the NPC, Mrs Janet Sarney-Kuma, reiterated the inevitability of conflict in human existence.

She continued by saying that everyone, especially the young, is accountable for peace. This is so because the youth are mostly used as the means of spreading violence.

According to the director, the NPC intends to establish peace clubs in SHSs as a measure to reduce conflicts and brutalities in schools.

She urged corporate organizations to provide short- to long-term assistance for this admirable endeavour disclosing that the clubs will aid in instilling in young people the values of conflict management, peacebuilding, and settlement.

Students learned about the Alternative Dispute Resolution model, escalating and de-escalating behaviour, and the staircase model of conflict dynamics.

The school’s headmaster, Mr Paul Amoasi Baidoo, thanked the NPC for their thoughtful remarks. He exhorted her students to spread peace everywhere they go.


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