The Jill Knox Humor for Peace Fellowship (Assoc. for Applied and Therapeutic Humor)

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OVERVIEW:  The Jill Knox Humor for Peace Fellowship is intended to contribute to peace through humor by providing peace studies students and faculty with the opportunity to engage in professional development through the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor’s (AATH) Humor Academy program.

AWARDS: The fellowship includes tuition to the AATH Humor Academy for three years, Annual Conference registration for three years, conference travel stipend annually for three years, AATH membership for three years, and mentorship from AATH.

EXPECTATIONS: Each honoree is expected to commit to completing the three-year Humor Academy program. Should an individual be unable to continue on to a second or third year of studies, or they are not meeting the requirements of the program, the balance of their award will be forfeited and award to another individual.

HUMOR ACADEMY: The Humor Academy is an online curriculum that begins each year on-site, on the Thursday preceding AATH’s Annual Conference. Participants continue to meet on a monthly basis during the year via Zoom. Each participant is expected to spend three years participating in the Humor Academy. At the end of the second year, the participant is expected to produce a written project on a topic chosen by the participant and approved by the advisors. Recipients of this grant would be expected to focus their written project on the use of humor to enhance their effectiveness in the peace studies/conflict resolution field, either in an applied/practical way or through research around the topic of humor for peace. More information on Humor Academy may be found here.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 11:59 CST on September 30th. Recipients will be informed no later than October 30.


  • Must be a student currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate studies, or faculty, engaged in peace and justice studies/conflict resolution programs, and interested in learning how to incorporate the use of humor into their respective occupational/academic environments.

  • Must be willing to make a three-year commitment to the Humor Academy educational program, which includes monthly virtual meetings and an annual onsite multi-day conference event.

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