Senaryon - муҳаррики бозии моделиронӣ

Номи барнома / курс / тренинг: Senaryon - муҳаррики бозии моделиронӣ

Ташкилот / муассиса: планполитик

Намуди барнома:

Шаҳодатнома. Эд / Проф. Дев.

Senaryon is a web-based application that offers online simulation games. Each game provides a political or societal challenge, a selection of involved actors, and a timeframe that defines a schedule for the communication and collaboration phases between all the participants.

The online simulation games can last from 90 minutes (in secondary school context) to three weeks (in university context – with an average workload of 30 minutes per day for each student).

Examples of some of the topics addressed by Senaryon simulation games include: international climate negotiations, EU law-making, a round table on building a mosque in a fictional small town, refugee distribution policies, or the political participation of young people in their communities.

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