Teaspoons of Peace to influence a culture of positive peace

d'Arcy with Global Goals

By d’Arcy Lunn
Founder Teaspoons of Change

Have you thought like the former misnomer of a beauty contestant of how you can contribute to world peace?

That is exactly what I did for my final thesis for an MA in peace studies.

My research title is not full of fancy, deliberately confusing academic theory but instead: How and Why Teaspoons of Peace Work – contexts, theory, and perceptions influencing a culture of positive peace (小さな変化が積極的平和の文化に与える影響 – thought I’d add the Japanese title to appear cool, and since I did my master’s at an international university in Japan).

A Teaspoon of Peace is a small but significant idea, attitude or action contributing to a culture of positive peace.

In the research I set out to map some of the landscape on the influences on a culture of positive peace so I can not only desire world peace, but actively and effectively work towards it.

The research, my thesis and this report are aimed at enhancing my existing organisation, Teaspoons of Change with a peace angle and focus. This report is the practical and accessible by-product of my thesis that is likely to sit in an underground library in Tokyo not to be disturbed maybe ever again.

Video showcasing 5 people’s perceptions towards a culture of peace and Teaspoons of Peace

The report is designed to showcase the contexts, theories and perceptions that produce small but useful nuggets of advice or action for ANYONE who wants to influence a culture of positive peace.

If a click to the report is too much then in summary here are the most significant bits from the 8-month process of listening, learning, and now, sharing.

  • The general public’s perceptions are very useful in gaining ideas, tailoring ideas and turning ideas into action
  • People more distal to conflict tend to focus more on inner and individual peace where those more proximal to conflict focus more on collective peace – but what we really need is both approaches regardless of the conflict context!
  • Small ideas and actions for peace at the personal and local level need to be contextualised in the greater level of world peace and the Global Goals
  • Additionally, peace at a greater level: global, national or institutional, needs to be broken down into teaspoon-sized ideas and actions
  • Let us all work towards a movement for – ‘everyday peace’, ‘total peace’, ‘noble peace’ where peace is a process not an event

Take a look at some of the ideas for action and Teaspoons of Peace highlighted in the report and share your ideas and actions influencing a culture of positive peace on the Teaspoons of Peace Facebook page or through Teaspoons of Change!

Let us all aim to be beauty contestants and contribute to a culture of positive peace!


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