Teaching Resources on Allyship & Privilege

Students from Georgetown University’s Spring 2017 Peace Education course (JUPS-407) have cultivated a collection of teaching resources and articles on privilege and allyship in support of their upcoming April 18 teach-in: “Fostering & Sustaining Allyship at Georgetown: A Dialogue on Understanding Privilege.”

About the teach-in

This teach-in on allyship seeks to address systemic identity-based violence emboldened by the current political climate –  violence that impacts individuals at Georgetown and across the country. Students recognize that their privileges often perpetuate ignorance in the face of inherent discrimination and structural violence in our community. Therefore, it is imperative that students cultivate allyship to act against injustice within their communities.

Being an ally means immersing ourselves and engaging in tangible action towards combating the prejudices faced by peers as well as encouraging others to do the same. Through interactive exercises and dialogue, this teach-in will create a space for reflection on what allyship means and how we can be active allies in our community.

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