Tauheedah Baker: undoing racism in the classroom

“If we want to see a more socially just society for all, we must first undo racism. We must start in the classroom, and teachers must indeed teach to change the world.”

– Tauheedah Baker (2020)


This is the final call to action in Baker’s discussion of the impact of transformative pedagogy on advancing racial justice. She summarizes, Carter “Woodson understood that violence against African Americans began at the base level of ideas. I think violence against all marginalized groups begins at this level, and that violence and power are encapsulated in the funds of knowledge that exist within our classrooms. However, I also believe that addressing the diversity of oppression without addressing the imbalance of power resulting from racial injustice only perpetuates systemic inequities in education, social services, health care, legal institutions, and all other systems.”


Baker, T. (2020, February 13). The power of teachers to transform: How a pedagogy based on racial justice can help end systemic oppression and fulfill the promise of education for all. Harvard Graduate School of Education. https://www.gse.harvard.edu/news/uk/20/02/power-teachers-transform.

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