#World Beyond War

USA’s Military Empire: A Visual Database

This visual database was developed by World BEYOND War to demonstrate the immense problem of excessive preparation for war. By illustrating the extent of USA’s empire of military outposts, they hope to call attention to the wider problem.

World BEYOND War is hiring a US Organizer

The U.S. Organizer’s primary role is to enlarge and activate World BEYOND War’s membership base in the US, building volunteer-run chapters to do educational, activist, and media work on global, national, and locally developed projects.

#NoWar2023 Conference: Nonviolent Resistance to Militarism

World BEYOND War’s #NoWar2023 (Sept 22-24, 2023) will make the case for the efficacy of nonviolent resistance as a tool for conflict resolution, highlighting case studies from around the world of unarmed civilian based defense against invasions, occupations, and dictatorships.

Peace Wave 2023

International Peace Bureau and World BEYOND War are planning a second-annual 24-hour peacewave on July 8-9, 2023. This is a 24-hour-long Zoom featuring live peace actions in the streets and squares of the world, moving around the globe with the sun.

Webinar Series: Reimagining Peace and Security in Latin America and the Caribbean

World BEYOND War is hosting a new webinar series on “Reimaging Peace and Security in Latin America”. The purpose of this series is to co-create spaces for bringing in the voices and experiences of peacebuilders working, living, or studying in Central America, South America, Mexico, and the islands of the Caribbean. Its goal is to elicit reflection, discussion, and action specific to promoting peace and challenging war. The webinar series will comprise five webinars, one every month from April to July 2023, followed by a final webinar in September 2023.

World BEYOND War seeks organizer for Latin America

World BEYOND War is looking for an experienced digital and offline organizer who is passionate about abolishing the institution of war. The primary purpose of this role is to enlarge World BEYOND War’s membership base in all or part of Latin America.

Online Info Session: Starting a WBW Chapter

Kick off the new year on January 28 by starting a World BEYOND War chapter! Hear from 3 of their chapter coordinators and the WBW organizing staff to learn about starting a chapter of your own!

Peace Education and Action for Impact: Towards a model for intergenerational, youth-led, and cross-cultural peacebuilding

This article introduces the Peace Education and Action for Impact (PEAI), a leadership development programme designed to connect and support young peacebuilders. It discusses what PEAI is, how it works, and why it was created. It also gives a glimpse of the work that took place in 2021 – engaging youth and communities in 12 countries – and plans for the future. Lessons from PEAI are for anyone interested in peacebuilding education and action initiatives that are youth-led, adult-supported, and community-engaged.

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