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Final Communiqué of the Extraordinary Meeting of the OIC Executive Committee on “The Recent Developments and the Humanitarian Situation in Afghanistan”

“[The OIC] Urges the de facto Afghan Authorities to allow women and girls to exercise their rights and contribute to the development of Afghan society in accordance with the rights and responsibilities as guaranteed to them by Islam and international human rights law.” Point 10, Communique from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

Women’s Rights must NOT be a bargaining chip between the Taliban and the International Community

As we continue the series on the Taliban’s bans on women’s education and employment, it is essential to our understanding and further action to hear directly from Afghan women who know best the harm these bans impose; not only on the affected women and their families, but on the entire Afghan nation. This statement from a coalition of Afghan women’s organizations fully describes these harms.

Taking Humanitarianism Hostage – the Case of Afghanistan & Multilateral Organisations

Multilateralism is supposed to be the guarantor of all human rights and dignity, for all people, at all times. But as governmental regimes weaken, so do traditional multilateral entities heavily reliant on those governments. It is time for community-based transnational networks based on intergenerational, multicultural, gender-sensitive leaders.

Sign-on letter to the UN & OIC on Women’s Human Rights in Afghanistan

Please consider signing this letter in response to the devastating impact of the recent bans on women’s higher education and women’s work in Afghanistan. Religions for Peace and The Interfaith Center of New York are hosting this letter with other faith-based and humanitarian NGOs in advance of high-level meetings between UN Officials and the Taliban or “De Facto Authorities.”

Not In Our Name: Statement on the Taliban and Women’s Education

The Muslim Public Affairs Council, in this statement calling for the reversal of the Taliban’s ban on girls’ and women’s education, reiterates the assertions now being made by so many Muslim organizations. The policy is anti-Islamic and contradicts a basic principle of the faith on the right and necessity of education for all, so it must be immediately rescinded.

DON’T BE A SPECTATOR: Act In Solidarity with Afghan Women

This statement makes specific demands, including (amongst others), the recognition of the human right to education with the immediate overturn of the ban on women and girls attending universities and secondary schools, and requesting the international community give voice in all fora with “the de facto authorities” to the necessity of fulfilling this right.

Petition: I stand with Afghan Women: #AllorNone

The recent upsurge in the Taliban’s repression of women cannot go unanswered. The world community, most especially the United States, must take action to address these grave injustices, and do so in accordance with the calls of Afghan Women. All of us should be urging our governments to fulfill these obligations of the world community to assure international standards of human rights and gender justice in Afghanistan. 

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