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Young people acquire skills and knowledge on Peace and Values Education (Rwanda)

A three-day Youth Champions workshop on Peace and Values Education was held by Aegis at the Kigali Genocide Memorial in the first week of February, bringing together 25 young people from Kigali and its surroundings. They acquired knowledge about the path to violence, the path to peace, advocacy, being an upstander, leadership, project development, gender equality, trauma and healing.

Learning from an experienced peace educator in Pakistan

Zahid Shahab Ahmed, Peace Direct’s Local Correspondent for Pakistan, interviews Sitwat Yusafzai of the Rawalpindi Grammar School, an experienced peace educator in Pakistan to discover what it takes to implement a successful peace education programme in the country. Based on Ahmed’s observations, the success of peace education in Pakistan rests on both the quality of curricula and teaching, and relevance of the material to pupil. He has seen many projects across the country, some with strong curricula and some with exceptional teaching, but rarely projects having the luxury of both.

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