PEACEMOMO: Third Statement on the War in Ukraine

In this statement on the Ukraine war, PEACEMOMO observes that humanity has few options left. What the proxy war of global power confrontation in Ukraine shows is that we have hit the deadly cross-road of cooperation or common destruction.

One year of war in Ukraine: If you want peace, prepare peace

In the context of the war in Ukraine, it should be the most natural thing in the world to try to find a way out of this catastrophe. Instead, only one path of thought is allowed – war for victory, which is supposed to bring peace. Peaceful solutions require more courage and imagination than belligerent ones. But what would be the alternative?

The Global Impacts of the Invasion of Ukraine: Insights from the Youth, Peace and Security Agenda (virtual event)

“The Global Impacts of the Invasion of Ukraine: Insights from the Youth, Peace and Security Agenda” will be a global webinar (Jan. 27, 2023) bringing together speakers from different areas of the world to discuss the different impacts of the invasion of Ukraine in diverse contexts, with an additional focus on the impacts on youth populations and recommendations connected to the YPS agenda.

Webinar: Peace Making In A Time Of Endless War: Where Do We Go From Here?

World BEYOND War invites you to this November 3 webinar featuring WBW board member John Reuwer, who has recently returned from Ukraine. John will report back on his first-hand observations of the ongoing conflict and share his insights on how we can move forward to push for peace in Ukraine and worldwide.

On the anniversary of Nagasaki, it’s time to rethink nuclear strategy and ending the war in Ukraine

On the anniversary of the US dropping the atomic bomb on Nagasaki (August 9, 1945) it is imperative that we examine the failures of nuclear deterrence as a security policy.  Oscar Arias and Jonathan Granoff suggest nuclear weapons play a minimal deterrence role in NATO and put forth a bold proposal of making preparations for the withdrawal of all U.S. nuclear warheads from Europe and Turkey as a preliminary step to opening negotiations with Russia. 

No more wars and a ban on nuclear weapons

If anything constructive comes from the disasters of Ukraine, it may be the turning up of the volume on the call for the abolition of war. As Rafael de la Rubia observes, “the real conflict is between the powers that use people and countries by manipulating, oppressing and pitting them against each other for profit and gain… The future will be without war or not at all.”

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