Young people acquire skills and knowledge on Peace and Values Education (Rwanda)

A three-day Youth Champions workshop on Peace and Values Education was held by Aegis at the Kigali Genocide Memorial in the first week of February, bringing together 25 young people from Kigali and its surroundings. They acquired knowledge about the path to violence, the path to peace, advocacy, being an upstander, leadership, project development, gender equality, trauma and healing.

Healing from childhood war trauma through education

Kathleen Madu, a Nigerian-American living in South Los Angeles, shares that knowing firsthand how traumatizing violence is she wanted to be part of the solution to end it, so she volunteered to teach about peace.

Adyan Foundation to receive the Niwano Peace Prize

The Niwano Peace Foundation will award the 35th Niwano Peace Prize to the Adyan Foundation in Lebanon in recognition of its continued service to global peace-building, notably its development of a program for children and educators offering guidance to peace and reconciliation for those affected by the Syrian war.

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