Graines de Paix seeks new Director

Graines de Paix is hiring its Director to lead forward its growing operations. He/she will be responsible for operations and administration, driving the healthy growth of the organisation in response to the current societal challenges regarding education and societal cohesion. Application deadline: February 7. [continue reading…]

Activity Reports

Considering “Transformative Peace Education” online with the Berghof Foundation

The Berghof Foundation from Germany, partner for many years with Peace Boat on numerous educational programmes, organized a one-week online seminar on Transformative Peace Education focusing on topics including methods of conflict transformation, violence and nonviolence in the education system, peace education in the context of forced migration, and the potentials and limits of digital peace education. [continue reading…]


Transformative Pedagogy for Racial Justice

“Seeking to dismantle a power imbalance that legitimizes racist acts of violence, without addressing those classroom practices and the racial hierarchies in our curricula, perpetuates systemic racism. Only a transformative pedagogy, founded on racial justice, will allow us to realize our ideals of diversity and inclusivity.” – Tauheedah Baker [continue reading…]