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Striking Education Workers Help Teach a City about Inequality

As Inequality continues to rise in California and across the nation, these workers showed that you don’t need to teach high school civics in order to educate about the Corrosive Effects of such economic disparity. Strikes, in short, can be a most powerful pedagogy.

Ethiopia: Education union’s plea for peace

During the Tigray war in Northern Ethiopia, the Ethiopian Teachers Association (ETA) condemned the damage and disruption inflicted on students, teachers and the education system. They called on relevant public authorities to put an immediate halt to the armed conflict, and highlighted the role of peace education in bringing about peaceful societies.

Peace Education: ETUCE organizes successful conference in Baku, Azerbaijan

On 2 and 3 June 2016, The European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE) organized a conference titled “Strengthening the capacity of teacher trade unions to contribute to the promotion of education as a tool for creating friendly, tolerant and peaceful education environment”. In this context, the conference addressed important topics such as conflict resolution and the promotion of joint values such as peace, tolerance, nonviolence and respect in the education sector.

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