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Youth movements for building peace in South Africa

‘A Piece by Peace: A Sustainable Peace Dialogue’ was co-hosted by Africa Unite (AU) and the International Peace Youth Group on the 23rd February in Cape Town, South Africa. The topic of the forum was: How can we as youth, working with government ensure that we build safe and peaceful communities and create a culture of peace enshrined in the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War.

All Hands on Deck for Peace Education in the Great Lakes Region

In this interview, Interpeace’s Great Lakes Programme Coordinator, Isabelle Peter, discusses the organization’s peace education initiative in the three countries of Rwanda, Burundi and the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The peace education initiative is part of Interpeace’s Cross-Border Peacebuilding programme, implemented in collaboration with six regional organisations in the region.

Learning for Inclusive Leadership for Sustainable Peace

Looking at home and abroad, one experiences a rising tide of conflict and tension that permeates our world; societies divided along political and ideological fault lines, massive humanitarian crises, mass global migration, violent extremism, climate change denial and progressive action, environmental degradation and species extinction, and faltering old and fluctuating new economies. In short, these are the challenges of our times–wicked problems without easy solutions. Some of us remain hopeful in the power of peace education to transform individuals and the world. In that spirit, the educators among the readership here may ask the following questions: How do we create deep learning experiences for our students that are rooted in placed-based, experiential learning and also connected to global vision and initiatives? How do we inspire future leaders to dedicate their work toward alleviating violence and suffering and building sustainable peace?

Day One Recap: Aegis Peace Education Colloquium, Kigali Genocide Memorial

A three-day Aegis Trust Peace Education colloquium began February 21 with a focus on the importance of investing in peace. Funded by the UK Government, the conference assembled more than 100 local and international experts to discuss the role of peace education in preventing conflict and mass atrocity. It is part of Aegis’ worldwide efforts to build a generation of champions of humanity by investing in world class peace education.

Peace Education Added to National Curriculum (Rwanda)

The Rwandan government will embark on integrating peace education into the National Education Curriculum under a new program called ‘Education for Sustainable Peace in Rwanda (ESPR)’. The ESPR program was launched by the Ministry of Education during a three day Peace Education conference in Kigali from February 20-22.

Oswiecim: Inspiring the Culture of Peace

Children of the Earth is uniting with the most wonderful renown educators and organizations to collaborate on building a highly visible and impactful Global Institute for Sustainable Peace in Oswiecim, Poland the city that houses Auschwitz and Birkenau.

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