#school-based violence

Invitation for youth to participate in U.S. Student School Peace and Safety Survey

Researcher Cheryl Lynn Duckworth is looking for U.S. public school students (ages 14-20) who would like to share their views on the peace and security policies of their schools for a national survey that contributes to a study applying a human security lens to understanding and addressing conflicts and violence in schools.  This includes policies such as active shooter drills, the use of school resource officers (police) in schools, arming teachers, anti-bullying programs and peer mediation/counseling.  

Adopt strategies that prevent violence in schools

Imagine a society in which we invested our dollars not in teaching our children how to respond to inevitable violence with fear and more violence, but in raising children who have the resources, resilience, empathy and skills to create communities in which violence is no longer the norm. This investment would translate into not only safety for our children in their schools, but also huge benefits for our culture as a whole.

Global Guidance on Addressing School-Related Gender-Based Violence

This guidance aims to provide a comprehensive, one-stop resource on school-related gender-based violence (SRGBV), including clear, knowledge-based operational guidance, diverse case studies drawn from examples of promising practice and recommended tools for the education sector and its partners working to eliminate gender-based violence.

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