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South Sudan launches ‘Safe School Declaration Guidelines’ with support from Save the Children to protect schools from military use

The Safe Schools Declaration is an inter-governmental political commitment that provides countries the opportunity to express support for protecting students, teachers, schools, and universities from attack during times of armed conflict; the importance of the continuation of education during armed conflict; and the implementation of concrete measures to deter the military use of schools. [continue reading…]

Action Alerts

Invitation for youth to participate in U.S. Student School Peace and Safety Survey

Researcher Cheryl Lynn Duckworth is looking for U.S. public school students (ages 14-20) who would like to share their views on the peace and security policies of their schools for a national survey that contributes to a study applying a human security lens to understanding and addressing conflicts and violence in schools.  This includes policies such as active shooter drills, the use of school resource officers (police) in schools, arming teachers, anti-bullying programs and peer mediation/counseling.   [continue reading…]

News & Highlights

Keeping Education Safe

For many children around the world, having a safe space to learn is far from guaranteed due to the threat of armed conflict and the targeting of schools. In this guest post for ‘In Focus’, Peter Klanduch and Margaret Sinclair of Education Above All’s legal advocacy programme PEIC – Protect Education in Insecurity and Conflict (PEIC) – explain the background to this global problem and the importance of keeping education safe for all children. [continue reading…]