Young people acquire skills and knowledge on Peace and Values Education (Rwanda)

A three-day Youth Champions workshop on Peace and Values Education was held by Aegis at the Kigali Genocide Memorial in the first week of February, bringing together 25 young people from Kigali and its surroundings. They acquired knowledge about the path to violence, the path to peace, advocacy, being an upstander, leadership, project development, gender equality, trauma and healing.

A trio’s vision to promote peace through youth camps (Rwanda)

Realizing the need in Rwanda for conflict resolution and peace education training, three colleagues formed Critical Thinking for P.E.A.C.E, a program which brings Rwandan youth together for programmes promoting peace, sustainability, social cohesion, empathy, and cultural celebration and preservation.

African educators commit to promote peace education in schools

Educators from 11 African countries have expressed commitment to ensure that young Africans are well educated about peace and values the continent needs. A delegation of 15 Jesuit Education Directors made their pledge after concluding a three-day workshop at Peace School at Kigali Genocide Memorial.

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