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Homage to Bishop Desmond Tutu

What could be a more telling indicator of the values that infuse the Global Campaign for Peace Education than Bishop Tutu having joined the co-founders, Magnus Haavelsrud and Betty Reardon on its inaugural panel at The Hague Conference in 1999? Desmond Tutu was the embodiment of the staunch commitment to just peace that peace educators aspire to cultivate.

Pax Christi USA recognizes Rev. Bryan N. Massingale with the 2021 Teacher of Peace Award

In her nomination of Rev. Massingale for the 2021 Teacher of Peace Award, Pearlette Springer, coordinator of the Pax Christi Anti-Racism Team, wrote: “Fr. Bryan has been a ‘teacher of peace’ most of his life, going above and beyond the norm to sustain efforts to address social injustices within the Catholic Church. … He continues to push the envelope in service to BIPOC and LGBTQ communities.”

Clearing Meditation for Holy Week

The COVID-19 virus has certainly brought in unsettling anxiety inside our mind, body, and spirit. Grace Brillantes-Evangelista, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist, leads us into a guided meditation that focuses on checking inwards to clear the space for a meaningful Holy Week encounter.

Why Peace Education is the Future for All Religions

84% of the world’s population are religious, thus religious considerations must be taken into account when introducing peace education. Here is the basic teaching on peace from three of the world’s religions, all of which are linked by the concept of reciprocity: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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