Action Alerts

Call to Action: UNSCR 1325 as an Instrument for the Protection of Afghan Women

Members of international civil society assert that the human rights and security of women and girls must be integral to whatever course of action the UN determines to take in Afghanistan. We invite you to join in this effort, by signing this call to protect Afghan women, to establish UNSCR 1325 as a practically applicable international norm, and to assure that peacekeepers are prepared to honor its principles. [continue reading…]

Action Alerts

Petition for the deployment of a peacekeeping force to Afghanistan to provide security to the most vulnerable and help restore civil order

Some weeks ago, many signed to endorse the letter of May 14 to President Biden requesting humanitarian aid and protection for Afghan women and girls whose security has been jeopardized by the withdrawal of US and NATO troops. Now we seek your support to reinforce the call for the deployment of a peacekeeping force to provide security to the vulnerable and actualize a ceasefire to help restore civil order so that an inclusive and stable political settlement might be achieved. [continue reading…]


Teaching about Peacekeeping and Alternative Security Systems

This article by Betty Reardon is the second in a series exploring Betty’s 6 decades of peacelearning. In this post, Betty comments on “Peacekeeping,” a curricular unit in the secondary school series on “Perspectives in World Order” published in 1973.  Betty’s commentary here focuses on two excerpts examining approaches to peacekeeping and alternative security.  We post this article on the cusp of the 100th anniversary of “Armistice Day,” which marked the end of fighting in WWI (Nov. 11, 1918).  The “War to End all Wars” turned out to be a false promise as evidenced by the persistence of major wars throughout the 20th and into the 21st century.  We have much still to learn from this tragedy, and it is our hope that Betty’s inspiring and practical vision for “Teaching about Peacekeeping and Alternative Security Systems” might help us in that journey. [continue reading…]

News & Highlights

Promoting a Culture of Peace through Education: UNESCO Celebrates UN Peacekeeping Day in Dakar

To further promote a culture of peace and joint initiatives between UN agencies in support of this programme, UNESCO shared its vision, its framework of action and its activities on education for a culture of peace during the celebrations of the UN peacekeeping day with a debate on “peace through education and culture” at the United Nations Information Center in Dakar on Friday, 27 May, 2016. [continue reading…]


Peace Science Digest Volume 1, Issue 3

This issue of Peace Science Digest, a project of the War Prevention Initiative, provides relevant research examining the current landscape of social conflict: types of mediator leverage in peace agreements, factors for success or failure of civil resistance movements in conflict zones, the relationship between civil resistance and modernization, the opportunities of international peacekeeping forces to contribute to positive peace, and new insights into the connections between minority communities and terrorism. [continue reading…]