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Museums for Peace: Resources

Museums for peace are non-profit educational institutions that promote a culture of peace through collecting, displaying and interpreting peace-related material. The International Network of Museums for Peace curates several resources related to peace museums, including a global directory, conference proceedings, and peer-reviewed articles.

Objects, Memory, and Peacebuilding

There is no single truth about the past. However, as Rei Foundation scholar Dody Wibowo argues, we are at times exposed to and asked to believe in a single definitive version of history. Using the lens of peace education, he asks us to consider the motives and strategies of government run museums, and suggests a way forward through museum practices that contribute to peacebuilding.

Teaching Peace from Tales of the City: Peace Education through the Memoryscapes of Nagasaki

To what extent can the memoryscapes of a city contribute to peace education? This paper by Patporn Phoothong argues that narratives both create and destroy the imaginaries of peace. The failure of peace museums to create an effective vision of peace reduces them to the level of historical museums. This research concludes by identifying factors that support the realization of peace education in peace museums.

International Network of Museums for Peace: 25th Anniversary Newsletter

The International Network of Museums for Peace’s (INMP) March 2017 newsletter is wholly dedicated to the celebration of it’s 25th anniversary. The issue includes a comprehensive, illustrated history of INMP, including brief accounts of all previous conferences, and of the development of the organization. Since 1992, INMP is the main provider of knowledge and information about museums for peace.

Internship at the Peace Museum Vienna

Peace Museum Vienna is a very ambitious and meaningful project located in Vienna, Austria. The museum strives to contribute to world peace by educating the public about peace heroes and is also an educational meeting point offering information sources for students, teachers, professors, and general visitors. Peace education is the central to both the current and long-term vision of Peace Museum Vienna.

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