Article 370 and the Reorganization of Kashmir: A Teachable Moment

“Your students may have missed the news about the security build-up and the rising tensions in Kashmir over the last week. They cannot possibly miss the headlines about the amendment of Article 370 and the re-organization of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, however. Around them, people are bound to be talking about this news, either jubilant or distressed. In your classroom, they will hear both points of view. This is a moment with rich learning potential,” writes Swarna Rajagopalan for Prajnya’s Education for Peace Initiative.

Building a Culture of Peace in Pakistan

The transformation from a culture of war to a culture of peace represents a radical and historical change because everyone from the centers of power to the most remote villages may be engaged and transformed.

Peace poetry: a burgeoning movement in Pakistan’s KP province

Adnan Bangash, an avid reader of peace poetry, says the promotion of peaceful literature is the best way to guide people in the current chaotic circumstances in which the country finds itself. “Our land is combusting in the flames of war,” he says. “By spreading peace education, we can support society to turn away from conflict.”

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