Events & Conferences

“Organizing 101” – Free online training by World BEYOND War!

World BEYOND War’s free 4-week (20-hour) online training “Organizing 101 Training” identifies effective strategies & tactics for engaging community members and influencing decision-makers. Participants will explore tips and tricks for utilizing traditional & social media and will look more broadly at movement-building from the perspective of “fusion” organizing and nonviolent civil resistance. [continue reading…]


Securing Democracy in a Conflicted Election: Resources for Educators

During a volatile election, what can be done to preserve democracy and protect election outcomes? How might we respond to fear-mongering, a potential coup, intimidation efforts, and violence with nonviolence? The Global Campaign for Peace Education is compiling a list of resources to support educators in their efforts to teach about the current political moment, prepare students to constructively and nonviolently respond to threats, and to foster a more robust and sustainable democracy for the future. [continue reading…]