Peace Through Defeat of the Evil Conjoined Triplets

To ensure the “revolution of values” that Dr. King called for, justice and equality must be enshrined under new anti-racist systems. This requires exercising our imaginations, investing in peace education, and rethinking global economic and security systems. Only then will we defeat the evil triplets, “shift from a thing-oriented society to a person-oriented society,” and foster positive, sustainable peace.

Peace-building with Care and Compassion

We live in a world in which militarism predominates political responses to conflict by world leaders. Nel Noddings explores how this situation is representative of the conflicting moral codes that have operated during times of war and peace and how and why the situation prevails and permeates political thinking and action and infiltrates our educational programs. It reveals our muddled morality not only at a political level, but within community attitudes towards war and how we are to work to create peace in our everyday lives. This original article by Ann Mason invites exploration of Nel Noddings’ research and writings to peace education development and discusses how her ideas echo the sentiments expressed by other significant voices for peace.

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