Peace education pushed as antidote to extremism (Philippines)

Dr. Nagasura T. Madale, a cultural anthropologist, said it is important to strengthen peace education and start it among the young to prevent, in the longer term, the growth of violent extremism especially in areas of the country vulnerable to inroads by Islamic State-linked militants.

Wayward and Fanciful: The Mindanao-Sulu Peace and History Education Project (Philippines)

Republic Act No. 10908 mandates the integration of Filipino-Muslim and Indigenous Peoples history, culture and identity in the study of Philippine History in both Basic and Higher Education. The law recognizes the ultimate objective of creating an inclusive history that accounts for all Filipinos. There is however a dearth of resources on Bangsamoro and Lumad history, art, literature, and language. The Mindanao-Sulu History and Peace Education Project seeks to respond to this need.

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