#militarization of education

Countering Militarism in Welsh Schools

The Welsh peace movement Cymdeithas y Cymod warns that there is little being done to balance recruitment to the armed forces and promotion of arms companies in schools in Wales — but this can be changed.

Teachers Are Being Trained to Shoot Their Students

Within the first 23 days of 2018, there were 11 school shootings in the United States. In lieu of any serious discussion about gun control, there has been instead a proliferation of laws and bills that would arm teachers, and train them to be able to kill.

Sunshine Land: Where War is Actually a Game (South Korea)

Sixth grade students in S. Korea are outfitted with child-sized body armor, helmets, and orange pistol-shaped BB guns. Resembling mini riot cops, the kids, divided into two teams, skip and giggle their way into the newly opened Sunshine Land Military Experience Center to play a live action war experience called ‘survival game.’ In these military experience centers, where tourism, gaming, and military experience coalesce, activists face an uphill battle in their struggle for peace-oriented education.

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