End war, build peace

Ray Acheson argues that to confront the compounding crises in Ukraine, war and war profiteering must end, nuclear weapons must be abolished, and we must confront the world of war that has been deliberately constructed at the expense of peace, justice, and survival.

Peacebuilders Need the Concept of “the Militarist-Sexist Symbiosis” to Change the Militarized Security System

This essay by Yuuka Kageyama explores Betty Reardon’s conceptualization of the war system as upheld by a symbiotic relationship between militarism and sexism. The significance and relevance of this symbiosis in confronting the peace problematique of today is in its systemic approach to analyzing the interconnectedness of the causes and processes of various forms of violence in the war system as a whole.

Militarism 101 (online course)

This 10-week online course, beginning August 15, will examine the concept of militarism, what it is, how our society is militarized, and how we can work to demilitarize our society, our communities, and ourselves.

COVID-19 The New Normal: Militarization and Women’s New Agenda in India

In this Corona Connection, Asha Hans reflects on the militarist response to COVID-19 in India, illustrating the interrelationships among the multiple “normal” injustices this pandemic has laid bare, showing how they are manifestations of a highly militarized security system. She also invites educators to begin the pedagogic imagining and structuring of a preferred future.

Free Webinar Series: Divest from the War Machine

Join CODEPINK + World BEYOND War for a FREE 5-week online webinar series about divesting from the war machine. Over the course of 5 webinars in 5 weeks from April 23-May 19, we’ll cover the why, what, and how of divestment.

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