Universities engaging men to end violence against women

Men’s violence prevention (MVP) programs seek to transform men’s silence and inaction into allyship and change. However, it should be clear: MVP is a complementary approach to other violence against women (VAW) work. The point is not to center men, but to support women’s activism, research and leadership towards the goal of ending VAW wherever possible.

LIVERESPECT Curriculum Promotes Healthy, Respectful Manhood

A CALL TO MEN has created the LIVERESPECT ™ program to help coaches, educators and mentors promote healthy, respectful manhood. They recognize that the underlying causes of violence and discrimination against women and girls are rooted in the ways females have been traditionally viewed and treated in society.

Redefining Masculinity in Afghanistan

Violent and aggressive behavior—particularly from young men—has become an accepted norm of Afghan society. This Peace Brief summarizes the initial findings of a pilot project to assess the impact of decades of conflict and violence on young Afghan men and the effect of efforts to teach them tolerance, peaceful masculinity, and basic conflict resolution and peacebuilding skills.

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