Conference on peace education held in Kashmir

Save the Children, India in collaboration with the Directorate of School Education Kashmir, held a state-level conference on peace education. Save the Children aims is to mainstream peace education in collaboration with the Directorate.

COVID-19 The New Normal: Militarization and Women’s New Agenda in India

In this Corona Connection, Asha Hans reflects on the militarist response to COVID-19 in India, illustrating the interrelationships among the multiple “normal” injustices this pandemic has laid bare, showing how they are manifestations of a highly militarized security system. She also invites educators to begin the pedagogic imagining and structuring of a preferred future.

Learning Peace: Teaching Peace (India)

In this OpEd, Ashmeet Kaur argues that Peace Education not only intends to build competencies, values, behavior, and skills to confront violence, but becomes a practice where the purpose (i.e. why to teach), the content (i.e. what to teach), and the pedagogy (i.e. how to teach) become conducive to nurturing values of peace.

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