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Herman Daly in memoriam: A Economist Who Future Economists — and Societies — Will Dare Not Ignore

The death of Herman Daly should be mourned by all who seek to mitigate the climate crisis. He warned of the consequences of the continued exploitation of the planet to provide ever more privileged lives for the rich, greater deprivation of the poor and the decimation of this planet. Peace educators seeking to help students to develop the capacity of discernment might share Daly’s work.

Homage to Bishop Desmond Tutu

What could be a more telling indicator of the values that infuse the Global Campaign for Peace Education than Bishop Tutu having joined the co-founders, Magnus Haavelsrud and Betty Reardon on its inaugural panel at The Hague Conference in 1999? Desmond Tutu was the embodiment of the staunch commitment to just peace that peace educators aspire to cultivate.

In Memoriam: Phyllis Kotite

Phyllis Kotite, a longtime member of the Global Campaign for Peace Education and UNESCO contributor, passed away last week in Paris. She was an advocate and contributor to peace-building and non-violence education as well as conflict prevention programs.

ABDUL AZIZ SAID: Peace Educator, Cathedral Builder, Soul Dancer

In this touching tribute, Patricia Mische reflects on five decades of knowing Abdul Aziz Said as friend, colleague, and soul mentor. She observes that he was one of those rare people who integrate intellectual, emotional, and spiritual knowing in themselves and recognize and awaken it in others.

Remembering Abdul Aziz Said

On January 22, 2021, the peace knowledge field lost one of its most revered and accomplished “founding fathers,” Professor Abdul Aziz Said.

Vicent Martínez Guzmán – In Memoriam

Vicent Martínez Guzmán, a pillar of the peace community in Spain and around the world, passed away last August 23rd, 2018. Vicent leaves a prolific written legacy in philosophy and peace research, as well as a strong continuing international academic program in peace, conflict and development studies.

Morton Deutsch, Pioneer in Conflict Resolution, Cooperative Learning and Social Justice, Passes Away at 97

Teachers College professor emeritus Morton Deutsch, one of the world’s foremost social psychologists and a pioneer of the fields of conflict resolution, cooperative learning and social justice, has passed away at 97. Deutsch’s ideas have been applied to marital conflict, education, industry and labor negotiations and international relations, yet always with an emphasis on human interrelatedness as a basis for finding common cause.

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