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Trainer (Educating & Activating to Counteract Dangerous Speech & Prevent Violence)

Over Zero seeks a trainer to support its core programmatic work in training and capacity building for civil society groups. These trainings introduce groups to key concepts and approaches for counteracting the impact of Dangerous Speech. The Trainer will be responsible for leading trainings and identifying and coordinating new training opportunities in the United States.

Teens behind racist graffiti sentenced to visit Holocaust Museum, read books by black and Jewish authors

Five boys spray-painted a historic black school in Ashburn, Va., with swastikas, “WHITE POWER” and vulgar images. Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Alex Rueda prepared an unusual sentence recommendation meant to educate them on the meaning of hate speech in the hope that they come to understand the effect their behavior had on the community. The boys have been sentenced to read books from a list that includes works by prominent black, Jewish and Afghan authors, write a research paper on hate speech, go to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and listen to an interview with a former student of the Ashburn Colored School, which they defaced.

Bookmarks – A manual for combating hate speech online through human rights education

Hate speech is one of the most worrying forms of racism and discrimination prevailing across Europe and amplified by the Internet and social media. Hate speech online is the visible tip of the iceberg of intolerance and ethnocentrism. “Bookmarks” is published to support the No Hate Speech Movement youth campaign of the Council of Europe for human rights online. “Bookmarks” is useful for educators wanting to address hate speech online from a human rights perspective, both inside and outside the formal education system. The manual is designed for working with learners aged 13 to 18 but the activities can be adapted to other age ranges.

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