#gun violence

Gun Free Kitchen Tables: challenging civilian armament in Israel

The rise in violence against women is interconnected with the presence and rise of authoritarianism and militarism. Gun Free Kitchen Tables, an Israeli feminist movement to counter domestic violence committed by military-issued weapons, looks at the domestic and intimate violence integral to patriarchal militarism and its effects on women.

Parkland: A Call for Dignity

By demanding gun safety, Parkland students are reclaiming their dignity. They are announcing that they are awake to the humiliation of realizing that a “Great America” is not protecting their lives in what should be one of the safest locations: our schools. They are awake to the indignity of living in a society that allows powerful interest groups to weave sticky webs of manipulation that block gun-safety legislation. Furthermore, these students are becoming awake to the intricate systems of humiliation coordinated by public and private forces that wash their hands of responsibility while they spread a lucrative gospel of the right to carry combat weapons.

Call for Action to Prevent Gun Violence in the United States of America

Researchers from the Interdisciplinary Group on Preventing School and Community Violence outline a plan to establish a comprehensive public health approach to gun violence that is informed by scientific evidence and free from partisan politics. A public health approach to protecting children as well as adults from gun violence involves three levels of prevention: (1) universal approaches promoting safety and well-being for everyone; (2) practices for reducing risk and promoting protective factors for persons experiencing difficulties; and (3) interventions for individuals where violence is present or appears imminent.

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