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ANGEL Conference 2023

ANGEL Conference 2023 (June 19-20) aims to bring together interested parties from all backgrounds for two exciting days of sessions showcasing and discussing research, projects, and new developments connected to Global Education and Learning or Global Citizenship Education, and other related fields such as Development Education, Human Rights Education, Education for Sustainable Development, Education for Peace, and Intercultural Education.

A unique opportunity to revive a global consensus on education for peace and human rights (UNESCO)

The UNESCO General Conference officially approved a proposal to revise the 1974 Recommendation concerning Education for International Understanding, Co-operation and Peace and Education relating to Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. The revised Recommendation will reflect evolved understandings of education, as well as new threats to peace, toward providing international standards for the promotion of peace through education. The Global Campaign for Peace Education is contributing to the development of a technical note that will support the revision process.

UNESCO seeks Assoc. Project Officer in Global Citizenship and Peace Education

UNESCO seeks a Project Officer to work in the Education Sector’s Section of Global Citizenship and Peace Education. The position will contribute to the development and coordination of the Sector’s activities relating to global citizenship education, and more particularly on issues related to Holocaust and genocide education. Application deadline: June 18.

New edited book: Conversations on Global Citizenship Education

“Conversations on Global Citizenship Education” edited by Dr. Emiliano Bosio Ph.D. offers a remarkable collection of theoretically and practically grounded conversations with internationally recognized scholars, who share their perspectives on Global Citizenship Education (GCE) in relation to university research, teaching, and learning.

UNESCO seeks Education Intern

The Section of Global Citizenship and Peace Education at UNESCO seeks an intern to support the development, and delivery of online capacity building workshops on topics such as the prevention of violent extremism, the promotion of the rule of law, democratic participation, and cultural diversity.

The Alps-Adriatic Manifesto: New Politics for a Post COVID World

This Corona Connection introduces the Alps-Adriatic Manifesto, a declaration of regional trans-border collaboration and civic intention.  This Manifesto establishes “goals and processes of transcending separations and alienations that corrupt the peace possibilities in present international structures.”  We share this Manifesto as a potential learning framework suitable to a cosmopolitan vision of peace and global citizenship education.

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