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Echidna Global Scholar: The Brookings Institution

The Center for Universal Education at The Brookings Institution seeks to build the evidence base on girls’ education policies and programs in developing countries. The Echidna scholars program is designed to offer guest scholars from developing countries the opportunity to pursue their own independent research on global education issues with a specific focus on girls’ education. Scholars will also be supported in developing or implementing a project in which findings from the research are piloted. Application deadline: Oct. 31.

2016 Harold W. McGraw Jr Prize in Education (International) awarded to Dr. Sakena Yacoobi

Peace educator Sakena Yacoobi of the Afghan Institute of Learning has been named the recipient of the 2016 Harold W. McGraw, Jr Prize in Education. Yacoobi will receive the International Education prize for the transformational effect her work has had on communities in Afghanistan, particularly in education for girls and women, and how she has inspired others to follow suit. AIL receives requests for workshops and for subjects that go beyond the basics and into topics such as human rights, leadership, democracy and peace building.

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