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Teach-in Report: Fostering and Sustaining Allyship at Georgetown – A Dialogue on Understanding Privilege

On April 18th, the Peace Education class at Georgetown University, taught by Professor Anthony Jenkins, facilitated a teach-in on allyship to address institutionalized violence against oppressed identities emboldened by the current political climate. Through this teach-in, participants acquire the necessary peace-building skills and assets to become active allies beyond Georgetown and to their communities. By acknowledging the privilege innate in oneself, individuals learn to utilize their rights to listen to the oppressed in order to support them in their ongoing endeavor of obtaining freedom.

Teaching Resources on Allyship & Privilege

Students from Georgetown University’s Spring 2017 Peace Education course (JUPS-407) have cultivated a collection of teaching resources and articles on privilege and allyship in support of their upcoming April 18 teach-in: “Fostering & Sustaining Allyship at Georgetown: A Dialogue on Understanding Privilege.”

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