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Civil Society as the Realm of Women’s Striving toward Equality

Throughout the world, women’s rights are being overridden by the rise of authoritarian ideologies. Afghan women over the last year have faced a particularly severe form of this patriarchal repression of women’s human equality. As demonstrated in the two items posted here, they have shown special courage and citizen initiative in calling for their rights as integral to a positive future for their country.

Special Earth Day call for contributions to a volume redefining global security from a feminist perspective

The redefinition of security undertaken in this volume will be Earth centered in its conceptual explorations and contextualized within the existential threat of the climate crisis. An underlying assumption of the explorations is that we must profoundly change our thinking, about all aspects of security; first and foremost, about our planet and how the human species relates to it. Proposals are due June 1.

WAR: HerStory – Reflections for International Women’s Day

March 8 is International Women’s Day, a meaningful occasion to reflect on the possibilities of accelerating gender equity from the local to the global. The Global Campaign for Peace Education encourages inquiry and action toward examining the impact that wars have on women and girls, as well as envisioning the structures that must be changed to achieve human equality and security.

Herstory Writers Workshop seeks Associate Director

Herstory Writers Workshop, an organization devoted to using personal memoir to change hearts, minds and policies, is seeking a part-time associate director with a strong track record in nonprofit leadership.

An Afghan Woman Calls American Women to Solidarity

This open letter from one professional woman to another, an Afghan university administrator should challenge all American women to confront the consequences of the abandonment of those most prepared to guide Afghanistan toward constructive membership in the world community: the educated, independent women responsible for gains in social equality now trampled by the Taliban. With the help of the White House Office charged with gender issues, the original, un-redacted letter addressed to Vice President Kamala Harris has been delivered to the Vice President’s office. We hope it will also be read and discussed in courses in peace studies and peace education to give voice to the untold women in Afghanistan in the same circumstances as the writer, some of whom we hope will find places in our colleges and universities.

Accountability Overcomes Impunity

Impunity for crimes against women is being challenged by world-wide women’s movements mobilizing to replace impunity with accountability, as is evidenced by a recent court decision in Kenya. This article explores the problematic of impunity and the role of peace education in pursuing accountability through citizen action.

The Economic Ladder is Color Coded

This Corona Connection examines the economic catastrophe the pandemic has visited upon the low-waged workers upon whom the daily life of society depends; workers who, for the most part, are African Americans and other people of color. Analysis also reveals that these “essential workers” are largely women, making it apparent that gender, as well as race, are factors that must be taken into account in the planning of the recovery process.

Learning from Distinctions: Climate Change and COVID-19

The distinctions and similarities between the problematics of COVID-19 and climate change illuminated in this article by Úrsula Oswald Spring intimates a holistic, planetary and ecological worldview that might serve as the basis for learning for a renewed world rooted in human dignity and realized through social and environmental justice. 

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